Swarovski Puffy heart

Swarovski Puffy heart

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mood: Super excited!

My jewelry creations are now on sale at the South Beach Gallery, 13th Street Ocean Dr., Miami, FL
The  owner  Rai, is a wonderful person and he is  showcasing my jewelry and other Artist work of art.
I'm so excited, I can jump up and down, literally!  One of my dreams was to have my jewelry in South beach and thanks my Lord, there they are now!  Wow! Wow!
Wonderful year! First, I had the Hawaiian show in Fort Lauderdale (June 2012), then, I had the Orlando, FL Institute workshop. Here are a few pics from the workshop and some of my latest creations.  And now, South Beach Art Gallery. Thanks God!Thanks Betsy!